Street road pavements tile patterns top view. Floor tiles with rock, brick and cobble stone texture. Paved patio or park sidewalk vector set of road pattern street tile for pavement illustration

Changing your floors is complex, but it can make all the difference once you commit to a new look. Because flooring is such a big decision, it is vital to evaluate your options and ensure your selection reflects your sense of style and makes your home look better than ever. As you explore your options this year, consider some of the following flooring trends.

Opt for Warm Tones

For many years we have seen shades of gray and lighter colors on floors which can help make a space look larger. However, the desire for warm undertones has shifted this trend to invite warmer wood floors into the home. Their coloring allows for timeless cozier rooms.

Bring Nature into Your Home

As we were forced to pause for a bit during the pandemic, spending time outdoors became increasingly important. Not surprisingly, flooring trends have seen an uptick in shapes and designs inspired by nature. Patterns reminiscent of coastal living and greenery are woven into homes to inspire a fresh and wholesome feeling and add a softer edge to the space.

In the same spirit, matte floors are in style, contrasting with high-gloss wood floors of the past. 

A more natural look also contributes to a warm a cozy feeling in bedrooms and living areas. If ultra-matte is not to your taste, try oiled-finish floors, where wood’s natural imperfections are highlighted and enhanced while still being durable.

Go Big

Wood and laminate planks have become more expansive. The material and installation techniques help create a seamless look that makes the dividing lines almost invisible. Homeowners opt for longer and wider options to create a unified look, particularly in larger rooms.

Experiment with Patterns

Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns throughout your home. Traditionally reserved for entryways and other high-traffic areas, manufacturers now offer alternatives to create a design throughout the whole house. Herringbone and checkerboard, for example, add interest to your floors without being overwhelming.

Welcome the Flexibility of Carpet Tiles

Committing to wall-to-wall carpeting is a big decision, but carpet tiles make it easier to try. 

They come in different colors, textures, and patterns, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. You can easily wash or replace a section without upsetting the whole design if a section gets dirty.

Regardless of your taste, there is a floor that suits your style. Take some time to research the options that match your preferences and dare to explore newer materials.