Interior of empty apartment,wide room with marble floor.White with grey marble floor interior background.White marble,quartz texture. Natural pattern or abstract background.

If your projects for 2023 include new floors, you need to be ready for an overwhelming number of options available in your local store and online. Whether you are looking to refresh a space or build a brand-new room, here are some flooring trends you should keep in mind for the new year. Your selection process should consider the aesthetics of the floor you like, its durability, and how suitable it is for the space you are updating. Also, remember to make sure it flows with the rest of your home and creates a harmonious look to welcome you home every day.

Generally speaking, most trends focus on sustainable materials, with a preference for floors that work well with a healthier lifestyle. Consumers also look for floors that bring warmth into the home with minimal maintenance or repairs. The flooring industry offers many options at different price points, so most homeowners can find what they like at a price that fits their budget.

Warm Tones Lead the Way

Maybe because we have spent more time at home than ever, we want our rooms to feel warm and cozy, welcoming us every day. Rustic-looking tiles that make the space inviting and look lived-in are gaining popularity over stark and impersonal options that feel sterile. To achieve a cozier look, rugs, and lighting can bring additional color and become a focal point in your room.

Explore Vinyl Options

Vinyl flooring has come back in the last year, and luxury vinyl tiles are a great option for many homeowners. If you are looking for a patterned opportunity in vibrant colors or a more subdued look, vinyl offers many styles. It is a favorite because of its durability and ease of use, particularly in high-traffic areas.

Engage All Your Senses

Texture is key in 2023, and plenty of flooring options with subtle and overt designs create a specific look, thanks to their surface. Wood and rustic options typically lead the way with their natural patterns that create a unique design for your room. Still, vinyl and concrete can offer possibilities for making a floor look more interesting and help engage all the senses.

Incorporate Matte into Your Design Scheme

Matte light fixtures and decorative pieces are slowly replacing shiny accessories and décor. 

Matte options add elegance and make the space look chic and sophisticated. Herringbone floors, which remain in style, look beautiful in matte finishes and still provide that lived-in and inviting look homeowners seek. Natural stone is also a great option for a matte finish and adds dimension thanks to its natural designs.

Explore Marble Options

If you want something other than a rustic option, marble is still available in 2023. A luxurious and elegant space at an affordable price point is possible thanks to newer technology in the flooring industry. Traditionally reserved for bathrooms and kitchens, marble with non-traditional colors can become the background to your living room or foyer design. Indulge your senses by visiting your local store and exploring the options available now.

Be Bold

Bold colors, rich textures, and unexpected designs permeate all design schemes, including floors. Rather than treating your floors as the background to your home, dare to make them the focal point by adding a geometric pattern or some other feature that draws your eyes to it. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, in particular, offer durability and design flexibility, making them an excellent option for your redesign.

Floors help you define your space, and 2023 invites you to explore new patterns, textures, and colors. With new materials and bolder choices, homeowners have many options to explore. Take some time to find the right solution for you so it provides the look and feels that best reflects your personality.