large tile flooring being installedWorker laying floor tiles, close up

For over two years, our homes have become the one location that embodies our living space, workspace, exercise area, and even meditation room. To meet the many needs of our current lives, many of us have kick-started redecorating projects to make our spaces feel more inviting and suitable for life in 2022. Reviewing each design element shows some trends to look at when researching flooring options. If you focus on what would make you feel at peace in your home, no selection will be a wrong decision.

Large Tiles Open Up a Room

Oversized tiles and planks can create a sense of openness in a room. As flooring materials and designs evoke outside elements and become bolder, your inner sanctuary coexists in sync with nature and creates harmony.

Be Unique

Finding unexpected shapes, colors, and textures in your flooring lets your personality shine and give your home character. Any options showing craftsmanship and almost artisanal attention give your floors a sense of history, adding warmth to any room.

Don’t Be Shy About Patterns

If you think of some of the most notable rooms in architectural history, patterns laid into the floors often highlight specific features and make a statement. You can achieve the same even in smaller spaces by installing wood floors in a pattern like basketweave and contrasting them with a bolder design element.

Explore All the Options Concrete can Offer

If wood or natural elements are not your preference, concrete offers many alternatives. Different shades and sizes can work together to make a room inviting and sophisticated. Whether you opt for concrete in a reading nook or a bathroom, the possibilities are plenty.  

Remember that a subtle variation can make a huge difference as you consider your options.Playing with the width of your planks, their texture, and their origin (natural vs. manufactured), you can achieve the look you want for your home. Finding the design concept that best reflects your personality and meets your needs can be a game-changer for your home life.