Every new year unveils new and exciting design trends for homeowners looking to give their properties a much-needed facelift. While some of these up-and-coming changes are unique, others are returning to the cyclic nature of interior design trends. Flooring is a centerpiece of any room, so it is no great surprise that this is where many property owners begin with remodeling and renovations. Here is what you should be looking for in the years to come.

  • Luxury Vinyl Plank Is Surging

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is becoming the go-to choice for many homeowners due to its waterproof features, rigid WPC and SPC cores providing stability, and ever-improving visuals. More brands than ever offer a wide range of luxury vinyl faux wood and stone planks and tiles. Wood plastic composite luxury vinyl planks are becoming a popular design option, and feature pressed bevels, resulting in nearly invisible spacing between planks for a more realistic hardwood look.

  • Blonde Is Beautiful

Whether as engineered hardwood, vinyl, or porcelain, shades of blonde, along with whitewashed driftwood tones, offer an airy and neutral look to your space. The abundance of gray wood from a few years ago has remained, though, with the hue showing up in many of the plank collections.

When considering luxury vinyl plank or tile, the thickness of the wear layer is vital. Experts recommend a 20-mil-thick wear layer for heavily used areas, making the tile or plank more durable and long-lasting. With blonde flooring, you can enjoy a trendy and durable option that will elevate your space’s look.

  • Laminates Are On the Rise

Laminate flooring has come a long way from its shiny, plasticky appearance in the past. Nowadays, laminate products offer improved durability and realistic visuals with textured surfaces such as embossed, hand-scraped, distressed, or reclaimed finishes resistant to scratches. Furthermore, some laminates are even waterproof. Due to its affordable price point, laminate flooring is a serious competitor to LVT flooring.

  • A Timeless Stone Look

Natural stone has always been a popular and classic flooring choice among homeowners. It offers a timeless look that can add value and beauty to any home. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, there are now easier-to-maintain imitations that are affordable and durable.

Available flooring today is a testament to this, as porcelain and even vinyl versions of slate, concrete, marble, and travertine are abundant. These imitation stones have come a long way in mimicking genuine stones’ natural look, texture, and feel. With the added advantage of being low-maintenance, they are a preferred choice for busy homeowners who want to enjoy the beauty of natural stones but don’t have the time or willingness to deal with their upkeep.

While the landscape of interior design and remodeling materials is evolving daily, these trends will likely cement themselves for the foreseeable future. You can safely utilize some of these prevalent themes in your renovation to immediately improve your residence’s look and feel.