Empty loft interior with windows

Flooring has taken a turn for the modern in the 2020s, with recent trends veering toward durability, sustainability, and low-maintenance flooring options that are cost-effective and last for years to come. Some styles are brand-new, while others are a revival of previous trends to suit today’s homeowners.

The decor options for property owners shopping for new flooring are also more diverse than ever. Whether you prefer pops of saturated color, washed-out neutral tones, eco-friendly materials, or more traditional flooring, there are sure to be choices practically tailor-made for your home.

Some of 2021’s most unique, trendsetting flooring options include:

Unique Textures on Floor Tiles

Textured floor tiles are getting rave reviews for various reasons and likely will not be going away any time soon. For one, the texture is less likely to make occupants slip, making it an excellent option for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. There are an increasingly broad array of luxury styles available for property owners to install in their homes.

How is the texture created? Ceramic is pushed into a mold that mimics the surface of such raw materials as wood grain or stone. This texture can then be magnified several times over multiple kiln firings for a more three-dimensional look and feel. This process creates a more slip-resistant surface that emulates natural materials’ look and feel at a fraction of the cost. Better still, it is as low-maintenance as standard ceramic tiles.

Timeless and Contemporary Black-and-White Patterns

Whether it is in the form of a classic checkered floor or a unique mosaic arrangement, black and white contrast has returned to the fore of interior design. Homeowners looking for this classic combination are no longer relegated to simple square tiles. Hexagonal tiles and more elaborate arrangements are available to stay on-trend while retaining a timeless look and feel.

Vinyl Floors with a Hardwood Look

While authentic hardwood with distinguished finishes remains as sharp as ever, luxury vinyl flooring is close to the genuine article. Not only is vinyl more cost-effective, but it is also highly durable and water-resistant. These qualities make it a favored choice for homeowners with large families, plants, and pets.

Today’s luxury vinyl planks, or LVPs, can imitate sought-after hardwoods like mahogany, cherry, oak, and many other wood grain types.

Diagonal Floor Planks

While most floors are installed with planks or tiles arranged vertically or horizontally in a given room, another way to spice up an area in your home is to set them diagonally instead. The dramatic angle is both elegant and unique. It can even be placed into such popular patterns as chevron and herringbone for an added aesthetic touch.

Matte Flooring Finishes

Refinishing your floor is a budget-friendly way to change a room’s look and feel regardless of the flooring material used. Whether your tiled kitchen floor or hardwood-filled study are getting treated, a matte finish is a smart choice. It emphasizes the natural colors and textures of the materials used without being as prone to scratches or visible dust accumulation as its glossier counterparts. On top of that, a matte finish is much less slippery, making it both on-trend and a safe choice for pets and families.

Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendliness has become a high priority for modern homeowners, and flooring manufacturers have answered the call with sustainable options and have a positive impact on the carbon footprint. Many of these environmentally-friendly floors also do not force volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

Renewable and biodegradable flooring options like linoleum, bamboo, and cork are excellent choices for homeowners focused on going green. Reclaimed and upcycled lumber add a diverse array of unique plank widths, arrangements, and wood grains that create a timeless yet chic ambiance in any room.

Quality flooring that is both evergreen and on-trend is well within the grasp of homeowners on a budget with these new trends. Whether you opt for LVPs in your kitchen or reclaimed lumber arranged into exciting patterns, the number of ideas out there for revitalizing the look and feel of your home are limitless. Something as simple as adding a matte finish to floor planks or tiles or arranging flooring in a unique pattern or angle can breathe new life into your property. The sky is the limit, so have fun and make your home truly yours.