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In the past, flooring choices throughout a home got limited to wood, ceramic tile, and linoleum type flooring. Plus, rooms, where hardwood boards could get used were also limited because the wood does not frequently fare well when exposed to water or highly humid conditions. At present, numerous options include sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives that can fit into any budget, making hardwood flooring more attainable than ever for most property owners. 

More Color Choices Than Ever

Once upon a time, the only choices in floorboards were a shade of brown. Contemporary offerings for hardwood flooring bring traditional wood grains and bold color options to add zest to room decors. As the choices expand for consumers, more people embrace dramatic looks from more exotic wood species combined with vivid choices in stain finishes such as deep gray or even black finishes, which blend particularly well in modern or industrial designs with monochromatic white walls to contrast with the darker floor.

Another color option that is coming to the forefront of room designs is a wood finish with deep green or blue family palettes. This is an excellent look in particular for a country or nautical decor and is definitely an adventurous choice. More popular looks include whitewash over espresso, gray, or mixing contrasting colors on alternating boards for a truly bold look known as the blackened charcoal look. Rich brown wood stains are a classic look that many property owners consider their go-to choice.

Hardwood or Engineered Wood Flooring? 

Choosing between hardwood and engineered boards, there are excellent perks to both types. Engineered wood looks and handles like traditional hardwood but costs less on average. The difference is rather than being solid hardwood boards; engineered wood gets constructed from sturdy plywood layers with a top layer of genuine hardwood sealed under a waterproof topcoat. Engineered boards’ durability can have a service life of thirty years or more if they get proper maintenance. Engineered boards also can get used in areas hardwood traditionally avoids, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Plank Width Choices

There are two main trends among hardwood and engineered flooring in terms of plank width. Traditional boards deliver a classic look while the extra wide planks get used in farmhouse and country designs. These wide planks pair well with distressed and hand-scraped finishes. 

Other Elements to Consider 

When redoing the flooring in your home, other upgrades to bring a cohesive look to the room can include refinishing cabinets to match the flooring and updating the room’s appliances. Another point to consider if a color change is wanted, gray hardwood pairs well with sleep white and stainless steel appliances. Another consideration is to update the cabinets to have glass doors framed with wood tones that match the floorboards for a more relaxed look and feel.

A Large Number of Finishes Available

There are many choices for the finishes of your hardwood flooring. The top finish protects the wood from nicks and scratches and delivers a sheen and beauty to the boards. Even the appearance of weathering or a vintage look can all get attained in the final protective finish giving a distressed look that is so popular in many decor styles. 

With so many widths, stains, and woodgrains available in hardwood flooring, it makes good sense to invest in updating the look of your home with new wood floors.